Hotel Management

Atira Hotels has a proven track-record in the management of top branded hotels, boutique hotels and independent hotels. We are an approved hotel manager for most major hotel brands and have worked in most segments of the hotel industry from limited service to full service hotel operations.

Below are some of the reasons that all of our hotels have consistently outperformed the industry.

Our day-to-day operations are run by hotel veterans, each who have been involved in the hospitality industry as an owner.

As owners, we understand the value of every dollar. We manage hotels as if every dollar is our own. This philosophy drives our approach to managing every single line-item expense and revenue strategy at the hotel.

It is a personal passion and source of pride for us to have the privilege to manage hotels and we thoroughly enjoy what we do.

There is a saying, “If your results speak for themselves, don’t let your mouth get in the way”

  • All of our hotels managed over a year are #1 or #2 in their competitive set
  • Atira operates the top performing economy service hotel in the United States, as rated by Smith Travel Research
  • Atira Portfolio RevPAR increases have consistently exceeded national RevPAR trends
  • All hotels exceed Industry Average Profitability (as per PKF Trends)
  • All hotels exceed Brand Average Guest Satisfaction Scores

We are a small business in which our principals are actively engaged in the supervision of each hotel. We don’t operate with a ‘rigid’ structure of personnel, management approach and process.

We do what is best for our owners in each individual situation. We are willing to customize our services to fit each owner’s specific needs. If you are a private hotel owner, institutional hotel owner, or a hotel receiver or lender, we will provide services that are relevant to your goals.

Traveler Reviews, Social Media, Community Style Lobbies…

We are never the hotel management company that we want to be – when we get there, the world changes and we must adapt again.

Some basic components of hotel management never change; warm and friendly greeting of guest, direct sales calls and clean hotel rooms will always be a necessity for success. However, other components are constantly changing in the eyes of the consumer, your lender, your employees, the hotel investment community and overall approaches to customer choice and consumption of hotel rooms.

With this in mind, we are also following trends and make sure that our operations are state-of-the-art and best in class in our industry.

Smart Technology

We use technology not just for the sake of it, but only where it makes our ability to process, review and react to operational information more effective. Managers submit their reports via web browsers and we stay connected via messaging and video conference on a daily basis.

While most hotel general managers spend 15% to 25% of their time on administration or ‘Paperwork’, our hotel general managers spend less than 5% of their time on administrative duties.

This means our GM’s are spending more time with the guests, the team and managing the actual operations instead of sitting in front of a computer. We are an all mac-based management company because we like technology that simply works….just like us!

Hotel Owner Reporting

Your investment is significant and you deserve the ability to access investment and performance information in the manner you want, at the depth of information you want and at any time.

It is this simple goal that drives our Owner Reporting System. You can log into your confidential owner site at any time and see the financial performance, competitive performance and market value of your hotel. Shouldn’t you be able to evaluate your investment return in real-time on your schedule? We think so.

Additionally, if you want to drill deeper, you can see Competitive Reports, Guest Satisfaction Reports, our Manager Review Scorecards and much more of the detailed operational tools and measures we use. How much information you review is up to you.

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Preliminary Hotel Management Consultation

How is your current management company doing? Is there opportunity to improve Net Operating Income and overall Hotel Asset Value?

Atira can conduct a detailed review of your operations to determine how your hotel is currently managed on an indexed scale. Our Scorecard Review specifically identifies line items with expense reduction opportunities, as well as broad revenue opportunities.

Conduct a Review of Your Current Operations