Hotel Management

Industry Leading Tools and Tactics

Our owners, in addition to our proprietary daily flash report, get access to a real-time dashboard.  From here owners can see a summary of performance or even dig deeper, reviewing performance evaluations, recorded reservation test calls, mystery shopper results, sales calls and more.

Atira hotels has studied the best practices of hotel brands and operators worldwide and incorporated these findings into our operations. AtiraNET is the gateway for managers and employees to access tools, resources, reports and request assistance to ensure the optimal operation of their hotels.

Atira Hotels has developed sophisticated Standard Operating Manuals (SOPs) for all hotel departments based on 20 years of learning from involvement with over 35 hotels in fifteen brand families. 


Privately Owned - Personalized Solutions

We are a small business in which our principals are actively engaged in the supervision of each hotel. We don’t operate with a ‘rigid’ structure of personnel, management approach, and process.

We do what is best for our owners in each individual situation. We are willing to customize our services to fit each owner’s specific needs. If you are a private hotel owner, institutional hotel owner, or a hotel receiver or lender, we will provide services that are relevant to your goals.

For Owners, By Owners

Our ownership owns hotels allowing our Atira team to see things through the ‘eyes’ of an owner. This background also allows us to assist owners with items which are typically beyond the scope of hotel management firms.

As owners, we understand the value of every dollar. We manage hotels as if every dollar is our own. This philosophy drives our approach to managing every single line-item expense and revenue strategy at the hotel.

Hotel Owner Reporting

With our Owner Reporting System, you can log into your confidential owner site at any time and see the financial performance, competitive performance and market value of your hotel.

You can also see Competitive Reports, Guest Satisfaction Reports, our Manager Review Scorecards and much more of the detailed operational tools and measures we use. How much information you review is up to you.

Preliminary Management Review

How is your current management company doing? Is there opportunity to improve Net Operating Income and overall Hotel Asset Value?

Atira can conduct a detailed review of your operations to determine how your hotel is currently managed on an indexed scale. Our Scorecard Review specifically identifies line items with expense reduction opportunities, as well as broad revenue opportunities.

Track-Record of Success

There is a saying, “If your results speak for themselves, don’t let your mouth get in the way.”

+ All of our hotels are consistent leaders in their markets

+ #1 or #2 in their competitive set

+ Award Winning Hotels as designated by Top Brands such as Hilton Hotels

+ Atira Portfolio RevPAR increases consistently exceeding national RevPAR trends

+ All hotels exceed Industry Average Profitability (as per STR)

+ Most hotels exceed Brand Average Guest Satisfaction Scores

Built-In Value Enhancement

Atira offers a unique platform of affiliated companies all focused on the hospitality industry. This provides access to opportunities, proprietary industry data and local pricing knowledge. In addition, this infrastructure offers the management expertise in operations, asset management, construction, investment sales and capital markets, all under one unparalleled platform.

We incorporate these resources into a complimentary included layer of value that owners can access from our Asset Dashboard. We can assist in financing evaluation, equity raise, hotel valuation, PIP renovation completion and much more.